Saturday, August 31, 2013

South street!

Just a few doors down! Lots of fun stuff.

Friday, August 30, 2013

End o' summer freebies from all over.

Not sure where most of them are from or who sent them in but here they are. Enjoy!

Mt. Tremper, NY.  Sent in by new reader Jackie O, whose boy is accepting offers for his big brother. A case of yummy chardonnay goes out to JO as our little way of saying "thanks".

Not sure. Nice chair though.

Hmm. Rhinebeck?

No idea.



Rhinebeck area.

Any guesses? (above)

I forget.


Rhinebeck! South street!  A few doors down from home!!

And from lovely loyal reader Patti M, comes this gem from points north, no doubt.  Patti: "Rembrandt's - Philosophe en Lisant, with this particular print having come from the Louvre (it says so on the bottom right hand corner)! I think it's an original, which would explain the WOW...?" Yes, the wow factor is huge on this one. A vintage copy of the board game Masterpiece goes out to Patti as our little way of saying "thanks".